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As a little kid, I went to several Seattle SuperSonics games with my father. Growing up, I loved listening to sports radio on our drives from Tacoma to Seattle. Every day I would open up the Tacoma News Tribune and read the sports section. I loved reading about the Sonics. Not just the game recaps but other articles that provided a different angle. In the year 2000, the Seattle Storm came into existence, my father started taking me to Storm games as well. Basketball is basketball and we loved all of it.

But as I got older I noticed the severe lack of media coverage for the WNBA and the Seattle Storm. The Storm are Seattle’s most successful sports franchise yet they are never mentioned on sports radio; even though we have even more sports radio stations in the Seattle area than when I was growing up. The Storm are still largely ignored. Print media coverage for the Storm is significantly lacking compared to the Seahawks and Mariners.

I was extremely disappointed in the lack of media coverage for these amazing athletes, these wonderful women, and this incredible franchise.

In 2015, I decided I wanted to make a difference. I would start creating more media coverage when so many others wouldn’t. I aligned myself with SB Nation and began covering the team on a voluntary basis. I spent three years writing for SB Nation covering as many Storm games and important news stories as I possibly could. The past two years I’ve been working with a startup web site called Cascadia Sports Network. Each article I write takes several hours of work. All my work is done on top of my other jobs. It’s exhausting.

I want to be able to cover the Storm long-term, for the next 20 years and hopefully through several more championships. I would also love to expand my coverage even further. But I need to value my time and my work. I believe through my writing and my Twitter account that I have become one of the most trusted sources for Seattle Storm content when it comes to game recaps, analysis, off-season predictions, and more.

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